Reviews for "BackingTrackfromhell-Mj"


10/10 5/5 for this musical piece, make sure to check out some of my stuff!

\m/ Metal \m/

keep shredding!!

amazing!!!! love your work till the day i die!!


This Shyt is F~(!<ing sick


to be honest, the original version is better in my oppinion.

then listening to the other version, I was thinking "ya, this song could use a bass"
but then i hear it with the bass in, but hearing it, its too compressed, and ewed too high, in mym oppinion it shouldnt actually be able to be heard in this song, just subconciously. and maybe just make it play half notes, well, might be whole notes at 200 bpm. Also, the one of the guitars seems a little sharp, so alot of the parts i liked dont seem as good, cause they sound off key. the reverb in the stopping part also ruined its little effect, which suprised me, because in the original, i was thinking "something should be here as a little filler, maybe reverb, maybe it just filtered out alot.

the sharp sound might actually be from the bass. probably is

ya, sorry man i like the original, though i hate the feeling that a song i remixed is worse than the original version i did.

Whoops you forgot one Jon.

Lol we have the final mix of this over at Project God Mode.