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Reviews for "-Jumper-"

I love this, and Castle Crashers.

First off, I must thank you a TON for putting this up. Possibly my second favorite song in the game. So upbeat, so peaceful. Bit of a shame it was put to mindless killing :P But that is besides the point. Second, I don't know if you could do this, but you know when the magician steals the crystal at the beginning of the game, like RIGHT when he steals it, do you know the name of that song? Thanks, and have a good one :D


I like it, my dog likes it, this is good! No wonder it's in castle crashers.

Best song

IT be the best song in castle crashers, It goes so well with the level and killing theives with that lizard thing.

Lol i just played this

I was just playing the forest level as i just got Castle Crashers today AWESOME SONG! u got it in Castle Crashers WELL DONE MAN nice work keep it up


Beautiful tune

My favourite song in castle crashers! Wish the whole game had music like this, not that the other music is bad but this stands above the rest.

Waterflame responds:

aww, thanks :D you know what, try finding the game "meca pumble". its a mexican learning game for kids, and i did the whole soundtrack, every song in there is like this XD the orgiginal ver. of jumper included. ty again!