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Reviews for "Doctor duck and the windmill"

Nice it.

Ok, is Nice Audio. Vote 5.

To Fast beats but still worth 5 stars!


Ducky visiting a windmill?
then he went and ride the windmill
then he quacked and had a great time...
then he died...
the moral of the story is you must dance to eat cookies...
the end...

Good... but not great... still

The title says nothing....excepting all....your good xD 5/5 9/10


At first I thought, what a nice mix, you should go and play in clubs and the sort. But then you drop these offbeat moments in which left me completely disconcerted. I mean if you do put such marvels in make it so they enhance your music... in this case they just put me off.
It would've been an 8 at the very least...

smotez responds:

I have no musical talent what so ever.