Reviews for "WINDOZ"


You sir, know around your colors very well! I am very envious that you can operate with a mouse to create great art. Keep up the good work. Your style of drawing brings me full of great interests, along with your choice of colors.

Loving the graffiti art

This is some of the coolest art I've seen on NG today. Digging your style, glad I found this one.

Loving the idea of a spray bottle jamming out. Original indeed, fits the artist name as well, sorta. Guessing he makes dirty music.

Your Best Yet

I dig your style man. I have been watching your work ever since you started doing stuff for Haywyre. Nice graffiti stuff you got here! I would totally buy this if it were a shirt...


Rooshie responds:

Ask windoz. I will be making my own shirts eventually.
And thank you for the comment. I appreciate it.

very creative, and Ironic!! xDD

the bottle seems happy and the way he is listening the music is very hilarious, because its ironic, because the esterotype of a window-cleaner, is a person who listens music with that kind of headphones! xDD

This made my day, its imaginative, and very well created
2 THUMBS UP!! ;)

Nice, very whymsical

I kind of expect this to be on the cover of an old '90s Nintendo game about a window cleaner.
This piece would be better if there were more graffiti references to it, other than that, I like it!

Rooshie responds:

Just wait an hour. I'm putting graffiti elements into it now.