Reviews for "WINDOZ"

Prepare to run into windows!

When i saw this i instantly thought of the commercials when the birds fly into the glass door xD
Great job its an unusual concept turned into a masterpiece :D


I always stare at things because I always see faces in them, it would be cool if I also could imagine them dancing :)


Awesome colors, the shoes are great too. I think the font looks strange and maybe needs a drop shadow, or a texture or something. Also the circles around the outside look a little plan for how awesome the center of the image is.. same goes for the gradient background, I think the image could be more powerful if it had a background just as cool.

Rooshie responds:

Unfortunately, the guy I'm drawing this for wants an even plainer background. He wants it to be white, and no circles. But I know what you mean.


dude your album cover art is always great and this is no exception. Amazing job on everything 5/5 and 10/10