Reviews for "WINDOZ"

I like it!

For some reason this picture remains me of Earthworm Jim. Looks like something you'd see in that game.....and on another note....why is the size 999x999 pixels. This is probably my OCD speaking, but it irritating me that it isn't 1000x1000 instead lol

Rooshie responds:

It's to overcome your OCD and to stop caring about numbers.

Good Clean Fun

Fantasic how there's just so many varied styles going on at once, and yet they all work. His little jump makes me smile as it looks like you've captured a moment of sheer happiness...I don't need a window washer, but I really want to buy one now!

kicking ass

That is great work man just good old fashin hard work. Great job looking at detal and color lay out as well. Keep up the awsome work dude.


Really cool!

Good job

Love the colours!

Man some company should hire you to make an add for their window cleaner!