Reviews for "WINDOZ"

nice vibrant colors

i like the use of colors and, after reading reviews, i find this to be good being drawnn on microsoft paint. but 1 thing that bus me is this:Is it clorox or some other kind of glass cleaner? i gave it a 4 but i consider it a 4.75

Rooshie responds:

LOL. I really don't know. It just had to orange. God, your comment is funny.

That one bro

That is the best spay bottle EVER

Cool man.

The spraybottle-thingy is very 90's!

This is really good.

I like how vibrant all the colours are, and I'm glad that they have a scheme, his (I assume it's a male) shoes, headphones, liquid inside him, etc. they all compliment each other perfectly. And that you gave him a personality making him, not just a drawing but a character.
As good as I think it is too have coloured lines, I don't think they should be brighter than the background. It's not as pleasant to look at large if it's done with pixels, what I'm saying is this drawing is like pixel art, that doesn't want to be pixel art, so don't think I'm against pixel art when I say that.
Well done, I hope this feedback was constructive.

Rooshie responds:

Not really. i can't do anything about the pixels. it's microsoft paint. But much obliged man. Feels good having a Simon Cowell amongst the arts of NG. hope that didnt insult. i dont mean it to. <3 love me long time?


I love this!!!! It's funky and awesome!!! 10/10 and 5/5!!!!!!