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Reviews for "Dizzy Newgrounds"

its ok

I can see that a pretty good amount of work went into the creation of this. I like how you forced the user to go back and forth and figure out what each item does. The background music can use a little more diversity, the walk cycle of the character can use a little better animation, and the ending needs to be more rewarding. You spend that much time trying to beat the game and all you get is that its time for tea. Seems like such a let down.


First of all, I'm really pleased to finaly see a respectable point and click adventure here on newgrounds. It may not have had the most thoughtful plotline, but it was well crafted.

I strongly urge the author to continue with the scripting, but maybe change the character/setting.

Alright, if you're having trouble with the game, as I was, here's what to do. I had a hard time getting started, and didn't think that you could even click on anything at first...

1. Go all the way to the right, stand in front of the bucket, and click on it.

2. Now that you have the bucket, go all the way back to the left edge of this world to fill it with glorious water.

3. With the water in the bucket, go back to the electric machine and pour the water on the wires like crazy. A plastic tube will pop out. Take it.

4. Take the plastic tube to the right, until you reach the area with the dripping oil. Place the tube between the two pipes. The light should blink red now.

5. Go back to the lake and fill the bucket with water again. You don't need to do this just yet, but must do it sooner or later anyway.

6. Go right from the lake to the gray teleporter which should have a blinking red light now. Step inside its wonderfull vortex and click.

7. Now in a tropical desert land, walk to the left. There should be a gray hunk of metal and a symbol formation on the wall. Take the metal and remember the formation in your smart head.

8. Walk all the way to the right where you will find a device on the wall to input different code. Put in what you saw on the left wall. To enter these codes, you will need to push down everthing EXCEPT the dots you saw on the wall.

9. Once this is entered correctly, you will need to walk back to the wall where you saw the code. It should have opened, revealing a hexagon with a red button. Take it.

10. Go back to the input device to the right, and put in the code you found on the metal you picked up.

11. The teleporter will now take you to a third land. Once here, go to the left to pick up another hunk of metal, and then walk to the right. Use the golden hexagon item with the hexagon you come to on the ground. You will find yourself up in the treetops, high as hell.

12. Go to the left into a small hut. There is a machine here, but all you can do for now is pick up the oilcan on the ground. If this game teaches us anything, it is that oilcans and buckets are sweet as heck.

13. Now you must go back down and to the teleporter, and enter the code from the golden metal in the device to the right. Go back to the teleporter.

14. Once back in the first land, go to the right and fill the oilcan with oil. Go back to the teleporter. You'll need to go and input the code to get back to the third land.

15. Once back in the third land, get back up into the tree top hut. Look at the 5 switches on the machine. One is stuck, so use the oilcan on it.

16. For this part, I really can't explain. Just turn the knobs and check back on the machine to see how many green lights have turned on. It only took me about 10 tries.

17. Once all five are on, go back down and to the teleporter, and to the second land. Go to the machine to the right with the two gages and the lever. If you press the button, the lever pops back up, so place the bucket full of water on the lever arm. Now press the button.

18. The telepad should begin to glow. Go and click on it for unlimited glory.

virtualtoy responds:

So, this game isn't too hard! At least it takes approx 10 minutes to finish the whole game!

This is the stuff i like.

Great game, lots of work has been done on it. Keep it up !!!


This was great!

Nice feel to it, in a way

I like it, it has a sort of "Myst"-series or "King'sQuest7" feel to it, with the intuitive-puzzle-solving gameplay and silent-adventure-storyline. I just wish there was a savegame option, so I could play a while in, then comeback later & pick up where I left off.