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Reviews for "Come on and Slam"

You know, yesterday i ordered Space jam on dvd cause i havent seen it in forever... It's funny, cause i think we all can agree Lola bunny is a sexy cool basketball player. :D

Very nicely done. Keep it up!

Great drawing of Lola! But 2021 Lola is flat-chested. Sad unless you're into that kind of things (no judging). I'm not joking, look it up.

Wildblur responds:

I too prefer flat chested fems. I might change that in the next pose Im making fer lola.

How did you managed to make her even more cute? :3

Now that's more like it. Ain't no reason they had to strip off all the young, shapely-ness which without- Bugs wouldn't have been drooling like an idiot over for the majority of the runtime of SJ1. :b Great job, blur!