Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

very kewl

you made a solid flash here that makes you think. good job

Gusto responds:

Thanks, perhaps the lower quality even helped get the ideas across as it was not 'clear' or focused, well I dont know hehe, thanks!

ive had the same thought

i think of the same things too. im glad someone could make a flash out of it. this well probly get people thinking.

Gusto responds:

Yes, we all think about this at one point or another. I really started thinking about it when I was learning astrophysics, glad you enjoyed my flash portrayal of this :)


Every now and then, something comes along that betters your day, betters your thoughts, and sticks with you for a while. This Flash had that impression on me.
I have wondered about this for a long time, actually.
I am always expanding my mind, trying to reach out to somewhere maybe, just maybe, somebody hasn't reached before. I know it will never happen, but it's fun to think I can.
Little things in life, like knowing that our minds cannot comprehend Life, or anything of its magnitude....keep me going.

Great job, Gusto_. You have my applause.

(Added to my Favorites, as well.)

Gusto responds:

Im greatly pleased to hear this :)

*bows* to you.

Thank you!

How'd the big bang thang get there though?

great work man, keep it up

Gusto responds:

;) thanks.


Awesome! really!

Gusto responds:

Thanks! ;)