Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


great movie, that really gave me something to think about, i believe in the big bang theory, though it is still yet to be seen whether we can find convincing proof. But all that stuff on life was really interesting, good job on this movie!

Gusto responds:

Glad you found the stuff on life interesting :D I like provoking thoughts, and Im pleased to hear so many positive reviews :)

Many thanks!


this is probably one of the best flash movies ive seen...and the things that are said in the movie make sence."greatness"

Gusto responds:

Wow, the best you say? Thank you very much!! greatness :D


that was simply great. you managed to unintentionally capture my mood at the moment. great job.

Gusto responds:

Brilliant :) Glad I did! Thanks!


Great news has hit, a new one is comming out. www.review.orcon.net.nz has provided all the stuff for you guys to read about and it even includes a small trailer for it. I defianitly can't wait.

Gusto responds:

advertise elsewhere, just goes to show how pitiful your site must be..

pathetic :\


Another brilliant flash by you i love watchin all your work and i especailly love it when you respond man this thing made me think... i was jus surfin ng and i though i wonder what the holy grail remix dude is up 2 and i c youve been busy i tell ya this thing again makes you think it has that kind of effect on people im adding you to my fav author list i love your work PeAcE!! keep up the excelent work bro it gets more astounding every time Ez

Gusto responds:

cheers! =] but I certainly wouldn't call most of my work brilliant! ;p