Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Good Stuff

great... BUt what song is this

Gusto responds:

Ron van den Beuken - Timeless


Absolutly Beautiful

Your movie has displayed my own continuous, neverending thoughts. As I watched it, I felt as if you had delved into my mind to express what I could not. Showing infinity, the greatest, and at times, the worst thing ever sought to comprehend. The vast amount that we do not know is overwhelming, and dangerous to think about at times. A beautiful flash, you are definatly the kind of thoughtful person I could have endless conversations with, and would enjoy doing so. Wonderful work.

Gusto responds:

"The vast amount that we do not know is overwhelming, and dangerous to think about at times."

Well said, dangerous as it can be far beyond our reach of understanding which we do not like to accept.

Thank you dearly for the respectful review.

I'd love to converse about this matter.

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Thanks :D


I stop to try to think about these things from time to time, but there's never much of an answer available. Way to go for creating a flash that ties my mind into knots!

The best question you posed: "Expanding into what?" The concept of absolute nothingness is... well.. beyond comprehension.


The movie was very emotional and well played. At some points it was a bit wordy and you could have gone more with what is beyond comprehension with with the/nothing/everything part. The end kinda kills the groov with the "thanks for watching" and then cuts out. If you had left more space to watch the graphics after the last bit of words, like 5-10 seconds, then it'd be cool. like it wound down to that.

fucking awesome movie

keep em coming, really nice work dude!!!

Gusto responds:

thanks dude :)