Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Oh holy mother of mercy... I mean OMG!

That is some of the best Flash here on Newgrounds. At least some of the best I've seen so far. It really makes you think.

Gusto responds:

I think that's going quite far, making that claim! But I thank you for it :D

Holy crap.

That was deep.

Gusto responds:

I take that as a compliment :) Thank you.


That was simply awsome. I'm watching as more and more flash artists deploy their artistic abilities into the world of controversy, science, and general ponderings, and it's pretty kick-ass. Great job!

Gusto responds:

Great to hear :)



and new. you dont see this sort of thing much in the portal. But let the blue highlighting of this piece be a lesson to every stick animating, toilet humorist out there. we all appreciate it.

Gusto responds:

'we all appreciate it', well almost all of you, thanks :)

It was appreciated to a much greater level than I had anticipated, thanks to all of you who helped highlight it in blue :P

this is beautiful...

i really whis i could carry a movie like this around in my pocket ... if i could i'll tell you id always be watching it

very cool flash.. vary good choice of music

Gusto responds:

=] thx mate