Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

thats amazing

Wow great job i think about those questions all the time its really mind blowing if you take the time to think abouit whats out there,great flash keep up the good work and mabey make more mind blowing flash movies like that.

Gusto responds:

Now to top the success of this flash, id really have to come up with something mind blowing!

Many thanks to you! :D

How'd the big bang thang get there though?

great work man, keep it up

Gusto responds:

;) thanks.

I too have thought of such things

Its actually quite dizzing if you really think about it. Is there really an end to the universe? If there is, whats on the other side? How does nothing expand? Ive even thought of particles moving so fast that they actually exist on another plane, ie other dimensions that we expand into or expand from.

great job

That was really good. Eventhough those are all things I've already thought of and learned about, it's still nice to see something like that on newgrounds. =)


that was pretty good. the way u matched the mood of the movie to the song. dang that song is catchy!