Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


I personally loved this movie, no violence or naked girls or whatever, just plain genious. The choice of music fits perfectly to the "theme" of the movie and even though it doesn't have that much animation on it (different kinds that is) it really makes you think and has a deep side to it. Truly one of the best, if not THE best, ive seen so far. Amazing..simply amazing..

Gusto responds:

Perhaps If I had said that beyond our universe lie uncountable numbers of naked girls and shown pictures as proof to the more 'simple' NG public. they would have enjoyed it as much as some other people :D

Thanks for great review Ilithar :)


I stop to try to think about these things from time to time, but there's never much of an answer available. Way to go for creating a flash that ties my mind into knots!

The best question you posed: "Expanding into what?" The concept of absolute nothingness is... well.. beyond comprehension.


Being phylisophical about the universe and our place in it can sometimes be scary. As if the entire universe can also be completely in your mind. Does that mean my mind is also infinite in size? Weird. But the weirdest of it all: the big bang theory. It eventually comes down to: in the beginning there was nothing.......and that exploded. Ah well, will we ever know the truth?

Very good

I'm suprised to see something like this on NG, it's far apart from the usual killing and blood'n guts... It's actually beautifull, you're a very good animator, and i wish to see more of you. Your logical thinking isn't given to everyone on NG. That's why i especcially like this flash. You're going in my fav's m8.


Gusto responds:

Thanks, the thing is I'm not a great animator, so I sometimes resort to work like this where I use the techniques I know to make something different.

Thanks very much for the uplifting review, cheers. :)

good one

good topic, i have thought about it for a loong loong time.... but... you picked an AWFUL song, techno/trance and great ideas do not walk side-by-side...ugh