Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Not bad

OK so this was a decent flash, and the music fit, and the ideas were interesting. BUT...
To someone like me who is constantly thinking about stuff like this, it wasn't anything special. It didn't "open my eyes", or make me see things in a different way, since it didn't introduce anything new. But I guess most people in this pathetic world don't have the ability to think on this scale until it is put into their heads by a flash.
Anyway, good flash, but nothing very exceptional. But I guess I owe you some respect for thinking of these things yourself. IF you did think of them yourself.
BTW, I don't give a shit if any of you call me arrogant or whatever else, because I just don't give a shit about your second-hand opinions.

Ahhhh man!

This was awesome...it really made me think. Just one thing tho that i just hated... instead of fading out the music.. you stopped it!! It totally ruined the mood! But thats fine, thats some awesome script work u got there my friend..good job

Gusto responds:

hey rodg, you're right, it did kinda ruin the mood. It was an attempt at decreasing the filesize but I realized that filesize is not so important if you atleast have something decent to offer.

I increased the quality a bit, and extended the song past the end and made it fade out :D


I too have thought of such things

Its actually quite dizzing if you really think about it. Is there really an end to the universe? If there is, whats on the other side? How does nothing expand? Ive even thought of particles moving so fast that they actually exist on another plane, ie other dimensions that we expand into or expand from.


The movie was very emotional and well played. At some points it was a bit wordy and you could have gone more with what is beyond comprehension with with the/nothing/everything part. The end kinda kills the groov with the "thanks for watching" and then cuts out. If you had left more space to watch the graphics after the last bit of words, like 5-10 seconds, then it'd be cool. like it wound down to that.


that was quite hypnotic...yeah i totally dig what ur saying. goood job!

Gusto responds:

hypnotic, nice :)

Its hard for me to enjoy my own work as much as you guys.. cos I had to watch it so many times to get it working and in sync :P