Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


i gave you a 5 because its not somethign you see on newgrounds every day. that said, it got really repetative with the words comming up. still, i likes that, insignificant, NOT meaningless.


and new. you dont see this sort of thing much in the portal. But let the blue highlighting of this piece be a lesson to every stick animating, toilet humorist out there. we all appreciate it.

Gusto responds:

'we all appreciate it', well almost all of you, thanks :)

It was appreciated to a much greater level than I had anticipated, thanks to all of you who helped highlight it in blue :P


whats the name of that song you used? its good


It actually made me think...heh
It was pretty new, felt fresh.

pretty good

made me feel like i was in one of those disney ground rides
but yep was good with good images to back up the words even if the words werent too new or spectaculaaaar, yay