Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

great job

That was really good. Eventhough those are all things I've already thought of and learned about, it's still nice to see something like that on newgrounds. =)

Very thought-provoking.

Nice job. I really like the way you make someone feel indignificant, yet let this same aspect of their existence be what motivates them to live good lives. The only downfall I can see is that some people might misinterpret your message and think it a suggestion to commit suicide, saying this world doesn't matter because the next one will be better. Taken in proper context, this is a very powerful and inspirational message to LIVE, not die. Sorry for my ramblings.

Gusto responds:

This is why I emphasized the fact that our lives are NOT meaningless, simply insignificant.


that just plain sucked. the music sucked, though i'd say i'm biased towards techno. the graphics were alright.. and they were appropriate for the wording, i'll give you that.. but other then that, this "idea" has been done to death. we know that the universe is massive. we realize that nobody knows what happens after death or how existance itself was created. you're just saying something that has been pondered for generations. if this made anyone think, they must have never thought before.

i'm sure you've got potential, but perhaps you need to come up with something half original.


Very good.

I loved the premise, and you had many an idea. Very creative, and excellent. I loved the music too.

To MadMax500: Do me a favor, and jump off of a very LARGE bridge, because just like your review, you are VERY insignificant. In fact, well, you're meaningless. Have a nice day, buddy!

Gusto responds:

hehe, thanks for showing madmax the way :P


wow you suck

This is like the coolest project ever
You like, took some bad techno music, and like, with no flash skills whatsoever put all these like, crazy ideas that are like so groundbreaking I can't believe I like was on that thinking level when I was about like 9 years old

Yeah man! Utterly significant...I can like totally relate to bad grammer


\In`sig*nif"i*cant\, a. 1. Not significant; void of signification, sense, or import; meaningless; as, insignificant words.

you're a dumbass