Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


really well put together, it reaally left an impression on me, the music really gives it effect. good job

Gusto responds:

thanks stonerz.


that is very true. What is going to happen after we die...

fucking awesome movie

keep em coming, really nice work dude!!!

Gusto responds:

thanks dude :)

very inspiring

Unlike the last reviewer my words are not fake.
This is a very well done flash movie that makes you think. It probably isn't supposed to do anything else but that.
The animations are perfect for the job aswell.
Good work
PS: the guy advertising spelt his name wrong

Gusto responds:

Hey, thanks for the compliment on the animation :) The advertiser is probably one of them outwar plebs, poor chap.


Great news has hit, a new one is comming out. www.review.orcon.net.nz has provided all the stuff for you guys to read about and it even includes a small trailer for it. I defianitly can't wait.

Gusto responds:

advertise elsewhere, just goes to show how pitiful your site must be..

pathetic :\