Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


The animation was mediocre, but the text was pretty amusing, especially your use of the word "infinite" Whether you believe in the big bang or steady state seemed to be part of a theme. Sorry, I couldn't find your direction.

Gusto responds:

thanks for the honest review. Im not a very good animator, so I sometimes like to resort to such graphic based movies. didnt mean to amuse you :\


To bad our Earth will only sustain life for 100 millions more years...and the Universe will only last a couple billion before imploding O.o

Gusto responds:

tis' a shame. you dont think mankind would help end the world earlier? hehe

Thanks :)

OH YEAH......

Damn dude, my hats off to you.

Gusto responds:

*bows* :)

Really Great

I have to say that i liked the style of the movie, i thought it was overall good. great work!

Gusto responds:

Thank you, I thought I'd try something different here on newgrounds :D

Great job.

You got skills. You also have good points.

Gusto responds:

thanks a lot :) worked on it 12 hours straight, alot of the time was spent on code.. which I ended up deleting.. got to complicated ;p thanks again