Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

simply amazing

this is so good i have tried to make similar things but none of them are anywere close to this one... damn i'm suposed to be doing home work and now u inspired me to make a animation instead damn u


Gusto responds:

:D hehe sorry, I just finished exams for 8 days, and I came home and made this in 12 hours -4 hours of coding that I ended up deleting haha. Thanks alot :)

Im delighted that my work can be inspirational!

I always think about that...

But every single time i try to figure out i fell confused. Pretty good work. u are on my fav. authors list already.

Gusto responds:

Wow :) Thank you. Yes, I know how you feel. It started for me when I was learning astrophysics for my IB exams and the author of my book was trying to explain how there is nothing outside the universe, and there was nothing before the big bang. Then he tried to explain nothing haha.

Its just beyond human comprehension :\


now you got me thinking.... your lucky it loaded fast or else i would of blamed it lol!

Gusto responds:

I suppose I am lucky.

It got you thinking! Maybe you'll think before you blam away ;p


i loved it this was really intresting and creative i like you keep up the good work oh and like wolfeyes said i loved the pictures

Gusto responds:

Thank you very much :)

Glad you found it interesting.


that was very good, made me think, i liked your pictures and all... it was amazing, just got through me, keep it up

Gusto responds:

glad you liked the pictures :) took me ages to find and edit them.