Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


It was just a video loop with some words. No real meat here. I know some people think it has some meaning, but seriously, its just a loop with some images. Maybe high thinking and deep, but frankly not meant for here.

Gusto responds:

There was meat here, perhaps it was too raw for you :\

Whether its meant for here is up to the newgrounds public.

Thats right people.

This movie really is something, very well done. Our planet is nothing but a drop of water in the ocean that is our universe. Brilliant work

Gusto responds:

Precisely! :) Thank you very much!


I think about that stuff everyday

Gusto responds:

well I hope you figure it out someday :P

deep stuff

Loved the music, and it was very well done, also makes ya think... good job

Gusto responds:

Finally, someone appreciates the music :D I obtained this song about a week ago and I've been enjoying it since (althought it does drive me a bit mad now since I listened to it so many times while editing my movie ;p)

Thanks for the positive review :)


it was alright...good job man


Gusto responds:

4/5 is very good for me :D

Thank you kind sir :)