Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


That was awesome. It's always great to see submissions that aren't full of violence, cursing, and toilet humor. It's not that I mind that stuff, it's just that I like to see something different now and again.

Gusto responds:

I suppose refreshing would be the word ? hehe. It takes a bit of thought to provide something different, I actually had to sit down and plan it all out ! :O (shocking for me that I would do such a thing)

Thank you!


This was really well done. I am probably not able to make a flash like that, right now anyways, but You and I think alike. I look at things exactly the same. It really makes you think, doesn't it? Good Work!

Gusto responds:

Yes, it does. You have no idea how pleased I am that this movie made so many people think a bit! :D

You and I, and many other people think like this. Others dont like thinking about it, or are to ignorant.

Thanks :)

Just Wonderful

this really does make you think you know people should make more flash like this not some stickman :P

Gusto responds:

Im happy that you think more flash like this should be made! :) Perhaps Ill get on that. I didn't know if this style would be successful.

What about stickmen pondering upon existence! that could be good ;p



I am speechless i mean wow this was a great flash i mean if u watch it it really makes u think.all i have to say that it was great and u did a wonderful job.

Gusto responds:

speechless, but not thoughtless :) Thank you very much!

smelly people are bad

I really enjoyed this I really don't have much to say about this except that I found it refreshing and I really liked it! I must like it because I don't review the ones I don't like because I feel bad when I tell others they smell, but just for once I will say it... breathless, you smell.... bad. Gusto you don't smell.... or at least I don't think so O_o I never met you so I dunno....

Gusto responds:

Refreshing :) lol, breathless does smell, and I could probably say that the guy under this review does too ;p

Glad you enjoyed it :) Thanks!