Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


i just want to point out that you said we are NOT meaningless. meaning that we have meaning, when you were trying to say we dont have meaning

Gusto responds:

There is a defined margin between insignificant and meaningless. Some may think these two words connotate the same meaning. So I just emphasized the fact they dont.


You are actually getting out an idea, not just a bunch of innane dialogue with no purpose. It was innovative, with good music and great style. I would like to see more! I agree with the last guy, that music was amazing.

Gusto responds:

I was looking for an approriate song for this movie, and when I heard this one, I knew it would be perfect! I actually used a different one prior to this.

Thank you very much, I feel very complimented! :)

Well congratulations

Thanks to you asking all those questions. Gave me a head ache...but other wise good. You some kind of Philosipher? Well good job asshat.

Gusto responds:

Yes I study philosophy at the university of oxford.


This was an awesome video. Great style, and great music too. What song was that?

Gusto responds:

Ron van den Beuken - Timeless

Thank you.

thats amazing

Wow great job i think about those questions all the time its really mind blowing if you take the time to think abouit whats out there,great flash keep up the good work and mabey make more mind blowing flash movies like that.

Gusto responds:

Now to top the success of this flash, id really have to come up with something mind blowing!

Many thanks to you! :D