Reviews for "beyond comprehension"


That was amazing....I can't describe the feeling it gave me, but awesome job

Gusto responds:

indescribable feelings are the best!

Thank you very much :D

Damn man

The chill that that movie gave me have yet to go away, nice job.

Gusto responds:

:D hope it doesnt stay too lond

Love it

I like the fact that you asked many of the questions that everyone asks themselves everyday. Where did we come from? What is real and what is not real? What is there after this life and so on. Great work...Keep it up.

Gusto responds:

Thank you :)


That was funny as hell. LMAO
Ha ha ah "PLOT SPOILER" The funniest part was when the guy falls at the end lol.
he he he... just kidding

Graphics are good, but it lacks a little depth.
I find it to be to New Agey Mumbo Jumbo for my tastes.
No worry some will love


It was all right but i'm gueesing you did not hear the theory about actually all of this existing but there are parrelell univeres around us all right now and and exactly the same planets and organisms and the reason we don't bump into each other is because of gravity and the big bang was actually two parrelel univerese coliding and that there are infinite layers and once the universe reaches it's limit will shrim\nk back down then expand agian and we might be able to comunicate with other univeres through sound and i didn't make it up saw it on nova a show on pbs