Reviews for "beyond comprehension"

Old stuff...

It was a great movie, but I've thought all that before. Anyways it made me think "What is the universium really?" again. Great musics and graphics. Also the preloader had a too big filesize.

Gusto responds:

Yeah, I had a lot of problems with the preloader. At first it didnt work because I had coded all the sound so that it would queue, using sound objects, and for some odd reason it would load them all before playing the preloader.. anyway..

What a biff out man.

That was pretty decent at the start. Then that trance shit kicked in and it turned into nonsensical gibberish. What a biff-out. And to anyone who says "u just dont understand it's significance" needs a kick in the head. Like so. *WHATUMP*

Gusto responds:

ill make a hip-hop version for you bitch.


This didn't take long to make I reccon.. :P But it's still a very neat pice...


Stylish and smooth, and the music simply added to the goodness. I loved this one, and I can't really put my finger on why. It's going in my favorites, though. Terrific work; simply fantastic.

Gusto responds:

great to hear :D a lot of people added this to their favs, im pleasantly suprised !


Oh holy mother of mercy... I mean OMG!

That is some of the best Flash here on Newgrounds. At least some of the best I've seen so far. It really makes you think.

Gusto responds:

I think that's going quite far, making that claim! But I thank you for it :D