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Reviews for "Winter Pixel Poster"

Does this remind anyone else of wheres waldo?? Good

Awesome pixel art! There is so much to see - full of color and many different NG characters! Is that Waldo I see? Hahaha nice job :)

At first I thought this was just a drawing of video game characters or some of the adminstrators, but it isn't! It's a drawing of basically EVERYONE! That is, every person you could possibly think of. It's one of the most colorful pictures I've ever seen in my entire life! As expected, you have to get it in full view to truly get the best effect. I think it would probably be easier if I listed the pop culture icons who DIDN'T appear in this.

Hey, I noticed in the right hand corner there's Muhammad. He actually has in fact been sneaked in the "South Park" show through the intros. I think nearly every character who's been associated with Christmas in some way in this. There's even the singing Princess Leia and Chewbacca's relatives. There's also Wolverine, Freddy Krueger, the Grinch, Pac-Man, the Pac-Man ghosts, Santa Claus, Charlie Brown, the Pillsbury Dough Boy, Skeletor, Mr. Freeze, and those are just the ones I can think of without looking at the picture! You should work in "Where's Waldo?" books.

So much to look at, Every time I see it I find something different, like Casey Jones playing goal, and Bad Mr. Frosty getting hit by a light cycle... never seems to end.

this is nice, reminds me of "Wheres Waldo?"