Reviews for "Cyrptic Temple"

This is good

Some parts remind me of Silent Hill.
Which is the best horror game ever, with the best soundtrack ever so yeah.
Very creepy.
I can imagine myself in the temple right now...

oh shi-

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it as much is I did making it. :)

I can't refuse a story challenge! Never!

The main character wakes up in a dark room, cold and damp. Nothing is there to greet her, nothing but the sound of a cable sparking to her right, the repeditive spark giving the room brief flashes of light. She sits up, confused... How she got here was a blur. All she remembers is her own ship losing power, life support having failed as she passes out from the lack of oxygen. She lets out a sigh, looking around the room. She's in a simple square room made of cold metal, black dust floating in the air, every time she opens her mouth she tastes the stale powder, the powder scentless. Behind her there are six tubes... a base of metal that supports a glass tubing, one that looks like someone could fit in when closed. Four are broken and one has the base ripped out of the floor. The base is all the way across the room, its on top of someone, though its much too dark to see any details. The woman crawls over to the man, eventually landing her hand in a puddle of gore. She yelps and jumps back, looking at her hands... She stands up, and looks towards the door, an open doorway with the sliding doors blown off, from the inside or outside she can't tell. She composes herself a little, then walks over to the man, trying to find a gun or something useful off of him. She find what LOOKS like a pistol, pulling it out of his hand. "S-sorry..." She says, not bothering to check what race the crushed man is as she walks out of the room.
The area outside a rectangle room, lit dimly by malfunctioning violet lights on the ceiling. The room is what looks like was a genocide - Multiple people with skin varying from gray to white to red with various mechanical implants are scattered dead all about, half cut like tissue paper by something... yet more torn apart, blown up, crushed...
This room looks like it was a control room for something, various consoles with many buttons strewn about, most of them part of the wall, though even consoles that were apparently PART of the wall got torn out, leaving a dark hole.
Keeping her weapon closeby, she looks to the three doors she hasn't entered yet... left wall, front wall, right wall. She walks over to the closest one, the left, and peeks in.... Only a few feet away is a collapsed corridor, the cieling having fallen. "No way i'm getting through that..." She says very silently, backing away. She now moves towards the front door...
Bodies everywhere in a long, corridor-like room. suddenly, the sound of a repeating phrase is heard, somewhat distant, a foreign language of some kind. She turns to her left, peeking through a door... a four-legged spider-like robot is half destroyed, repeating the same phrase over and over, glitching pronounciation often. She lets out a sigh... this place is creepy, much too creepy...

Kay um, hope you liked the spam that was invented out of this song. Too lazy to keep going, only got 1000 characters left or so now. High quality, inguenitive layout, good use of insturments, creepy... epic.

5/5 10/10!

punk7890 responds:

Holy shit. I love you so much :))))))))))))))

Very wonderful story there my friend! That is not spam!
Like wow I think your my hero.

Thanks so much for the review! Happy to hear some more from you. :)

my story

A satanistic cult has taken over most of earth and my family and I are hideing at home. Most of our friends and nehbors are hideing also. All we have is at least a weeks worth of suplise.Tops. We also have a small radio. we listen to it every day hopeing that good news would show,but that hope left when we listend one day.
*crackle* Cult has taken out Australia! no sighns of local life! *crackle* The government has also fallen ann and...whos that? who the hell?! How did he get in?!
How...What are you doeing?! leave me alone!! Leave-OH LORD!! AAAGGHH!!! *craaccckkllee* Radio dies. we hide out hearing the sound of the cults above our heads we even hear a body hit the floor every now and then.Our rations are gone. We start starveing.My mother starts getting ill and I know that she will get worse due to the fact that where in our basement with the rats wich we eat in despratness.The cult goes qwiet for a few days. We deside to go to the Mildred family to check up on them and see if thier alive. When we get to the house we knoe instantly that they did not survive. Mr.Mildred's corpse was mutilated and riped apart to the point where we hardly reconized him. We found bits and pieces of Ms.Mildred scatterd acros the yard. The door is busted down and we smell a roten stench come from inside. We go in and see that the children where not lucky either they had been stabed in the hearts and one was even riped in half! We desided that we need to take thier suplise.So we did. And not to soon because the second we closed the basement doorthe sounds of the cult returned. My mother has died from her illnes. At this point my brother grabs a machete and a pistol and tells us hes going to kill the cult. My bro may be the most athletic of the group but stil I think its the worst idea ever and I try to stop him but he slams the basement door shut and he puts something over it so the cult dosent see it. For a while we hear gunshots and slashes. I get up to join him thinking he could use help when sudenly he screams. I wach as his blood drips down into the basement. My sister pukes at the sightand then thiers a sound above. the sounds of our nehbors houses being broken into. the sounds of people screaming.the sounds of children crying.the sounds of limbs being riped apart.And the sounds of bodies being stabed into. then we hear the door of our basement get pounded on. an arm bursts through but it dosent look like a human arm. then finaly the door gives way and the cult pours in. But they werent a cult. They wher demons. Every one is riped apart mercilesly as more and more come in until finaly im all thats left. I know that im all thats left. I look to my left and grab a shotgun and looked to my right and grabed the hacksaw. I knew that I might as well go down fighting. and thats hen the fun really began. >:D

tell meh wat u think plz


punk7890 responds:

Aside from lots of spelling mistakes, its decent. :)

Thanks for the review!

Story time ?

Black and white shades illuminate the visible path down the dark hall . Whispers of unfamiliar presence comes from each door adjacent from each other stretching along the path . Strings of reality beaming itself into your head through every step you take, that seemed like you were staying in one place . A giant pulse surges through the body, and the building your were in collapses, revealing a static world, full of floating pieces of our life, memories, and aspects . Mirrors floating in a spiral form, as stairs stretching to an abyss, that was never ending .. Unfamiliar faces .. Unfamiliar emotions .. Yet, it was all familiar through the eyes of the awakened ..
- Aphotic Athanasy -

punk7890 responds:

Hmm. I can relate to this one alot. Seems perfect for this song.

Thanks again for your review! ;)

I like it....