Reviews for "Cyrptic Temple"

the temple

well its AWsome and i imagine im in front of a temple where i hear horrible screams and my sis is in there i gotta suk it up get my weapons and get in there (GOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDD JOB!!!)

punk7890 responds:

Nice. Thanks for the review! :)

This is good

Some parts remind me of Silent Hill.
Which is the best horror game ever, with the best soundtrack ever so yeah.
Very creepy.
I can imagine myself in the temple right now...

oh shi-

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for the review! Glad you liked it as much is I did making it. :)

Sounds Spooky!

It sounds realy misterious and dark.. I quite like it:)
It's not realy a song, but it would be perfect for a game or a movie!
A also like the name (Kryptic!) xD
You did a good job making this!
5/5 - 9/10


punk7890 responds:

Thanks Kryptic! Hehe.