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Again Amazing

You know littleluckylink put this on his latest flash day of the dead

Hey why not eh?

Fantastic track, so, I figured hey, might as well..

As I entered this strange place, an unbearable drift of ice-cold wind pulls the door shut right behind me. I continue into the main chamber of this temple. Everything is covered in dust, spider webs on almost everything, abandoned for centuries.. I continue on as I begin to get a pounding headache. My vision begins to blur and split. I stagger into a hallway where I come face to face with a large painting of a man. The man's face had a sinister, evil look. His eyes were hypnotizing me. I could not pull myself away. Suddenly, I hear the faint sound of a woman humming. The humming grew louder and louder, as if it were coming closer. The source seemed to be right by my ear. I freed myself from the painting's grasp to investigate. The humming stopped.
I knew from then on I needed to get out of there. I rushed back to the main lobby, but things looked.. Different.. Rearranged. There was no exit, just hallways. In a panic, I chose one of the hallways. Little did I know, I had just entered seemingly endless catacombs. With every turn the light grew dimmer and dimmer. I finally decided to turn back, but upon turning around, I noticed a wall with the same painting on it. I turned back around, yet another wall with the painting.
I was suddenly trapped. All entrances blocked, nothing to do but look at the paintings. I collapsed, the evil spirit overpowering my own body. With the very last surge of strength I had, I tore through one of the paintings. This revealed a chain link fence that seemed to go straight to hell. I looked down to see magma. I then heard grunts of anger from a man. I turned back around to see that the painting had turned into a painting of a skeleton. At that moment, I collapsed to the ground and died slowly, with haunting images of hell.

And then I saved this song and imported it into a fla-....

punk7890 responds:

Great story! I love reading these. :)

Someone should make this into a flash.


my story 'll take place with some guy that's going to die anyways.

the dark hallways filled with the echo of colonel Rim's feet pounding on the ground. running blindly through the damp and forgotten hallways of a dark temple seeking to escape from his unknown chasers. he could feel his heart pounding as he ran around corner around corner only to get himself lost further into the endless maze of the temple. Rim was a 23 year old Colonel in the U.S. army, or what was left of it after the apocolyptic war back in the year 4078. he had been in the army for four years, and had never even been in a life threatening situation, having always commanded from a safe area. this was a new experience for him.
He was the only survivor of a science team sent into that old temple in the middle of nowhere to collect some samples. his team was told there was nothing to worry, and that there was nothing in the temple. upon entering the temple, his team managed to get into a room full of dead bodies and just assumed they were from burials happening years ago.
As Rim turned another corner he ran straight into something he mistook for the wall. just as he was about to back up and try a different direction, arms closed around his shaking body. breaking free of the grip, the scared colonel fired his assault rifle in randome directions, hoping to catch his unseen assailant.
As the rifle fire lit up the hallway, Rim could just barely make out the form of his attacker. scared way more than he had been in his entire life, he continued to run blindly through the corridors.
any hope of escaping left him when he ran headlong into a wall. pulling himself up, he realized he had run straight into a corner. he could hear his chasers closing in on him. as he slid a fresh clip into his assault rifle, he did something he had never done before. Colonel Rim prayed.

if you like it pm me and let me know.

punk7890 responds:

Oh! How did I miss this?!

Very great story! Thanks alot for the review!

I can't refuse a story challenge! Never!

The main character wakes up in a dark room, cold and damp. Nothing is there to greet her, nothing but the sound of a cable sparking to her right, the repeditive spark giving the room brief flashes of light. She sits up, confused... How she got here was a blur. All she remembers is her own ship losing power, life support having failed as she passes out from the lack of oxygen. She lets out a sigh, looking around the room. She's in a simple square room made of cold metal, black dust floating in the air, every time she opens her mouth she tastes the stale powder, the powder scentless. Behind her there are six tubes... a base of metal that supports a glass tubing, one that looks like someone could fit in when closed. Four are broken and one has the base ripped out of the floor. The base is all the way across the room, its on top of someone, though its much too dark to see any details. The woman crawls over to the man, eventually landing her hand in a puddle of gore. She yelps and jumps back, looking at her hands... She stands up, and looks towards the door, an open doorway with the sliding doors blown off, from the inside or outside she can't tell. She composes herself a little, then walks over to the man, trying to find a gun or something useful off of him. She find what LOOKS like a pistol, pulling it out of his hand. "S-sorry..." She says, not bothering to check what race the crushed man is as she walks out of the room.
The area outside a rectangle room, lit dimly by malfunctioning violet lights on the ceiling. The room is what looks like was a genocide - Multiple people with skin varying from gray to white to red with various mechanical implants are scattered dead all about, half cut like tissue paper by something... yet more torn apart, blown up, crushed...
This room looks like it was a control room for something, various consoles with many buttons strewn about, most of them part of the wall, though even consoles that were apparently PART of the wall got torn out, leaving a dark hole.
Keeping her weapon closeby, she looks to the three doors she hasn't entered yet... left wall, front wall, right wall. She walks over to the closest one, the left, and peeks in.... Only a few feet away is a collapsed corridor, the cieling having fallen. "No way i'm getting through that..." She says very silently, backing away. She now moves towards the front door...
Bodies everywhere in a long, corridor-like room. suddenly, the sound of a repeating phrase is heard, somewhat distant, a foreign language of some kind. She turns to her left, peeking through a door... a four-legged spider-like robot is half destroyed, repeating the same phrase over and over, glitching pronounciation often. She lets out a sigh... this place is creepy, much too creepy...

Kay um, hope you liked the spam that was invented out of this song. Too lazy to keep going, only got 1000 characters left or so now. High quality, inguenitive layout, good use of insturments, creepy... epic.

5/5 10/10!

punk7890 responds:

Holy shit. I love you so much :))))))))))))))

Very wonderful story there my friend! That is not spam!
Like wow I think your my hero.

Thanks so much for the review! Happy to hear some more from you. :)


This is pretty creepy. First it's all calm then it gets darker and darker as the song goes on. At 2:18 there's this SCI-FI/SPACE sound like a robot or a machine. Maybe this temple was built to summon aliens from outer space. The end is where things really get creepy. I also like the sounds you used. ON HALLOWEEN I PLAYED THIS SONG ON BLAST AND MY MOM GOT SO SCARED SHE EJECTED THE CD THAT HAD ALL THE NEWGROUNDS SCARY AMBIENCE ON IT AND BROKE IT IN HALF... THAT'S PROOF THAT YOU MAKE GOOD MUSIC (I AM NOT LYING IM BEING SERIOUS). In a matter of fact It reminds me of "Space9" by "joshhunsaker" on NEWGROUNDS. A friend of mine named TheAmateurAnimator on newgrounds has many DARK AMBIENT tracks. Listen you must...

Other Songs are:

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And alot more by DJRUNAWAY that I didn't download yet like

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Hit me up with a private message when you get more scary stuff


punk7890 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, KS666!
I'm glad that you like my music this much! You're one of the people who make me want to make more of this type of music. You can check out my Lost Forest 2 (Halloween special)