Reviews for "OTHER SIDE"


This is by far the best Robot day 2011 piece I've seen thus far. Your grainy style is really amazing, and your attention to detail is quite astonishing.

I really like the concept here. At first i thought that was a mirror, and the robot was being self-concious, but I saw the girl on the other side. It still is a strong message, a robot with feelings. I like the sign in the top right, really adds to just that. I could see this animated into a really impressive story.


I am really tempted to right a story based off this! ( all credit where its due)

Story explodes from the screen

My nipples are as hard as ball-barrings.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I can't help but imagine a series of novels ...


Wow really a good job man

This is pretty pimp...

Sweet job man! Lovin' it.