Reviews for "OTHER SIDE"

Love.... pity....hope.....

It goes beyond flesh and blood....

Fuckin' Excellent!

The mood of the piece really comes through. I love the design, and once again you did an awesome job. I really love your style.


Whoa....! Great work my man!


I love when a image can be seens in different ways. For me this can be 2 things:

1-The robot have a emotional attachment with the human

2-Maybe the robot have a Human brain and the woman knows who is him

Also in the reflection i see the robot sad. Is a really emotional image, I like it

Is that a Brain Case?

I like this piece, and certainly agree with earlier comments about how the robot looks longing. But I think I can see a brain in his head, that makes me thing that maybe he was a badly injured person who was saved by sticking him in a robot and that girl was someone important.

And that sign over there with the cross over the robot, means he is not allowed to go to her area of the complex. He can only see her through the plexiglas.

Which is quite moving.