Reviews for "MegaMan X Powered Up Fin"


Oh man, Chibi sigma is evil as ever.

Wow this is great, no flaws awesome original, good work :D

Really Nice Piece of Work Thar.

I have a really close place fir megaman and zero in my gaming heart, and im really a big fan of the megaman X and Megaman Zero series. Its Nice To see that it still lives on too. I Also really like how you added that sigma sign in the background. Overall, Im Impressed and keep up the good work mate.

This is good.

Don't know why you didn't make it. Although, it would have been better to have Mega and Proto jumping, shooting, doing something rather than standing there. Action in a picture like this would have vastly improved it.

Skilled, but the form is..not exciting.

Magicalmelonball responds:

While I understand where you're coming from, I had a friend do a pose of Protoman just standing there.. and he made it.


they all look stupid.. sorry

Magicalmelonball responds:

Well, the score says otherwise, but thanks for your "input."