Reviews for "\ Killer Granny WS! /"

sorry man..

I'm sorry to say this.. but this is the first clay movie I've seen that sucked so much.. I love clay movies, but that one was just stupid.. sorry mac, try again with some new things..


omg, i agree with -vixian-! u did copy tht 1 knox animation! so im guessing u no bout knox.....

2/5 (Nothing too new or intresting)

first claymation

pretty good for a first. but the graphics made it hard to read the sign.


that was a marginal klaymation. Bad sound, choopy at some points, all the regular stuff. It was sort of funny, but not too funny.Looks like you ripped almost all the stuff off Knox. I know you probably were just 'parodizing' him or some excuse like that, but I'd have liked to see some original things.

Viper-Studios responds:

this was my first one remade my other ones are very origional and extremely funny


CRAP>>>>MORE CRAP>>>>Poor claymation, shitty sound...no humor...what was funny...I missed all the jokes I guess because the sound was shit. what can I say...except it was crap.sorry, nothing personal...this just sucked