Reviews for "\ Killer Granny WS! /"

Nice work

I thought the way they made the blood was pretty cool

Viper-Studios responds:

thanks cause animating the blood is the hardest except for the time I was using a condum in one that kept slipping.

i think you got something pretty good here

the last review i saw said this shit sucks. i was thinking about not lookin at it, but i got cable so it wouldn't hurt. it actually didn't turn out bad.


Not really that much different, if at all. The widescreen looks better, but not worthy of a completely different submission.


you so copie knox with the newspaper monster thing and at the end the news paper monster puts the 2'50 sign in the lady thats from newspaper monster sale


omg, i agree with -vixian-! u did copy tht 1 knox animation! so im guessing u no bout knox.....

2/5 (Nothing too new or intresting)