Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

Holly SHIT!!

I love this song man.
I keep listening to it, again and again.
Love it man.


dj-Nate responds:

Thanks man! <3


The song as a whole is genius, and the melodies get me going, thats forsure!

When you start it off with those Chinese''d'' bells w/e its really just so nice, and the piano melody with the strings is harmonic and peacefull =]

When you add your touch to it, the bending tough synth sound, and very high pitched melodies, i just though ''WOW!** It was so good! And your kick, well your kick is basicly divine, hard and not ruining the song, but rather adds a great feel to it!

The transissions are also well made, and the construction is just right, the synth sound you added at 1:20, or the one that was a transission (sry reviewing as i go here, im at loop 4 now! XD) was really cool, so hard and high pitched, which is what i like about your music in the first place =]

The quality is also great, and is something that needs to be commented, really great job on the mastering, everything blends nicely, and i like how you make everything feel so good about this song =] i do think i hear some automations in there, well ofc there are, but i wanna say that you use them well ^_^

GREAT! your newest song kicks ass =] KEEP IT UP MAN!!!!!!
Gratz on the top 5, you are among the few that really deserves it =]



I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me...

but you really did add something new! <3

Well ...

100/10 50/5 ;P


This is a sweet song, your really good at this :D.