Reviews for "{dj-N} Only One"

Well ...

100/10 50/5 ;P


This song is awesome, i shall never stop listening too it...EVER
10/10 5/5

dj-Nate responds:

You is da man.

This song really leave me speechless...

And that is the reason I am unable to write a full review.....just.....wow.....

It is so great but is a bit short, no pun intended

It has so much potential and is in my opinion one of your best songs. It is just a minute or so short. It would be so amazing if it was longer by a minute or two. It is kinda ironic that my love for this song is the reason for the low rating. I wish very fervently for you to make a continuation of this. It is just so great. If I was religious, I would pray for you to make a continuation. It is magnificent in just about everything (the ending was the weakest part in my opinion). 5/5 Please continue it, I love it just so much that it would be very painful to see its potential go to waste.

very kewl!

this is one of the best ive heard so far, keep it up 8D