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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 1"

Very good

This is a very good movie, I enjoyed watching it very much, however, it could get better in some ways.
First of all, the graphics is very, very good, you did a great job with it. The charecters really look like the real charecters on the real show. However, it seems like the mouth movement of the charecters when the speak is a bit not normal to the real south park shows. Also, the charecters, which look like the origin, are pretty bent lined and not as smooth as the show's charecters. The same is bout the background, it looks like it does on the show, but it could be better if it was smoother. In general, the graphics is very good though.

Second of all, the style is also very good. Although you copied the episode as it is from south park, the animation sure added a ot of things to the style. You succeeded copying the style perfectly from the show, so it has the style of the show. However, the theme song with strawberryclck, although it was funny, it hurted the style a bit, because it was too wierd and not related. Also, the intro was very well styled, so as the opening main screen. I think you should also smooth the graphics a bit to make the style better too. Anyway, the style is also very good in general.

Third of all, the sound is also pretty good. The charecters' voices are very much like the original charecters' voices and it adds a lot to the sound and to the style of this submission. Also, the voices in this movie are well made, so as all the soundtrecks used in this movie. However, once again, the theme song which was made by strawberry isn't that good and it ruins the sound a bit. Also, the son't you put in the main menu while it loads, makes the main screen stuck and the israel flag game slow. You should also add subtitles, because sometimes, you cannot really understand what the charecters are saying and it is annoying.

About the israel flag game, it is a very good and creative game, it makes the time pass until it loads perfectly. however, it is too bad that you cannot play it while the song is played, because it is funner like this.

About the script, it was very good, I enjoyed it and it made me laugh. Although I saw the exact same script on TV a few months ago, it still made me laugh, because there is no wrong time for south park.
Anyway, this is a very good flash copy of south park episode 502, I can't wait to see part two, well done.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks alot!!
Part 2 begins with the same graphics, and you can see how the graphic gets better during the second scene, until you'd have nothing bad to say aboot them :D
The sound I actually just recorded from the episode, so no needs to congratulate me there ;O
The episode is a sort of exact copy of the real one (eventhough the counter moves the opposite direction :P).
Indeed the sound in the beginning is slowing it - I should just get rid of it and let the flag game waste the time by itself :P
Anyway, thanks again, cheers :)


That was like spot on, awesome job. Now all you need to do is get some good voice actors and make your OWN south park episode. Watching the same thing over again, but with slightyly crappier animation (no offense, it was wicked, but not as good as the actual show) isn't very funny. But I'm off to see what other flashes youve made.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks!! If I was to do a project as big as this but with my own idea, i'd have some original characters..

thank you

lol i love that episode and nw you made a flash movie about it i love it

carmelhadinosaur responds:

lol np thank you! :D


i love this episode, you did a good job.

I'm in such a struggle...

I adore southpark, though I loath everything with clocks... I'll just ignore the intro for yours sake and declare you my new hero... Very great job on making this movie. Looked a lot like the real southpark. Can't wait to see more.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

The next one wont include my very original and stupid idea of the theme with StrawberryClock (although it was very fun to make :))