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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 1"

Heh, you've made a good South Park flash here

Not sure if this was a remake of an actual episode or you made the episode all by yourself. I'm not really sure, though, but if the voices were taken from the show, then I find interesting. I'm sure you didn't do voices in this flash, especially StrawberryClock.

Well, it was good. It was quite funny for everyone to get obsessed with the word shit on television. The funniest part was when it said ship, LOL.

And the preloader was good with the little Israel flag and the music. A Newgrounds logo with Cartman on the tank is something I've seen that's quite similar to that. Hmm.

Well, this was a good flash and I didn't expect SBC to be there. One more thing, you should change the age rating, even though you have warned people on the Author's Comments. I think it's best to see a mention about the swearing on the age ratomg bit. Nice work, though.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Well i actually just recorded the voices from the show *getting beaten up by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (SP's creators)*, so its not really mine.. O_o I submitted it before the age rating thing was here, so i hope someday i'll get unlazy and change it :P
Im glad you laughed, seriously ^___^

((( OK )))

It was cool, took me forever to dl though, the sound seemed way off but then about the middle it seemed to click in, also there should be some backrounds instead of that white backround, it was entertaining and SBC was funny, nice movie it was entertaining heh...


carmelhadinosaur responds:

Hehe, well, i tried making it as same as the show and not change anything hehe...
Sorry about the file size (like in your sig ;D), i seems to always make it too big but not on purpose haha...
But thanks!!

Holy Shit

I felt Like watched the actual esp of South Park . I thought you did a very job in making this. The sound could have been a tad better. The mouths seems to overlly moved. That is f you want to improve anything. That aside I thought you did a great job on this. I have seen many of the other South Park things on this site this has to be the best by far.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Wowowow thanks!! ^__^
The quality is low because i recorded from not the original (downloaded version - daahhh) so... Haha thanks!!

this is gr8

this is so good and i was watching this episode on the over night its a good episode and cartman is the funniest ever lol what a fat cool little kid lol. Go Cartman

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Heheh lol thanks for the review Scooter Morley!


that has got to be one of the closest things i will ever see to a real cartoon on flash!! that was F***ing awesome dude!!! you gotta make more of these... omg omg omg! so damn sweet!!
graphics - were exactly the same as the real show... EXCELLENT job.
animation - was also the exact same as it is in the show. but one small thing, i think that their mouthes moved around a little bit too much when they spoke.
sound - was awesome. great voices straight from the episode... excellent.
overall, one bloody good remake of one of the greatest cartoons ever. well freakin done!
overall score: 8.5/10

carmelhadinosaur responds:

OMFG Thanks Marcus!!
Hehe ofcourse i will make more (betta!!) :)
Wow if those graphics looked like the real show, the next.. woohoolol!
Yeah, i fixed the mouthes (in part 2 ofcourse lol) i wasnt use to the fps (20) but now i am - every movie of mine is 20 =)
Thank you for the 8.5!! Lol thanks Marcus for the thumb so up XD! cheers!