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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 1"

South park rocks.

"See its still the same old world out there!" "Dude its raining frogs."

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Awesome, thanks!!!

I love that episode of south park....

Hilarous! This is just like the episode, now I don't have to wait for it to come back on the TV! How did you get Kyle to say F**k? He didn't say that in the episode. Ah, whatever, Still good flash, I hope part 2 comes out soon!...


carmelhadinosaur responds:

lol, thanks!
Part 2 will be much better, that's quite obvies, I hope i'll finish it during the summer, i'm half way through :)
I recorded the sounds from the episode, so apperantly Kyle did say :D

holy shit!

THe graphics are really great. Nice transistion to flash. Good quality all thru the flash.
Nice sound. I really don't think music would have added anything. Good sound quality too. The lip syncing looked good.
The interactivity was good for a movie.
This is one of my favorite South Park movies. Its good to see it in flash too. I laugh everytime I see it.
Maybe sometime you could make a flash of the New Years Special from a few years back where the number fell off and killed Kenny right at the end during the count down to the new year. I think that was 1999.

Great job here and thanks for sharing. :)

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Awesome, thanks!!!
Glad you enjoyed it, part 2 should be out longly ;)
After i'm done with it, i'm not gonna make another thing like that heh.. Yet, if I would, that would be my own episode, using ppl's voices, NG musics and sounds.. New character/s.. new story.. idea... awesome :)

Pretty cool!

I thought it was awesome. But you should have made your own episode instead of re-making one that is already one. You did a good job on it though.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks alot!!!
I know I should have made an original episode, but I just wanted to make this, and I don't really have good ideas.. :S

Heh, you've made a good South Park flash here

Not sure if this was a remake of an actual episode or you made the episode all by yourself. I'm not really sure, though, but if the voices were taken from the show, then I find interesting. I'm sure you didn't do voices in this flash, especially StrawberryClock.

Well, it was good. It was quite funny for everyone to get obsessed with the word shit on television. The funniest part was when it said ship, LOL.

And the preloader was good with the little Israel flag and the music. A Newgrounds logo with Cartman on the tank is something I've seen that's quite similar to that. Hmm.

Well, this was a good flash and I didn't expect SBC to be there. One more thing, you should change the age rating, even though you have warned people on the Author's Comments. I think it's best to see a mention about the swearing on the age ratomg bit. Nice work, though.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Well i actually just recorded the voices from the show *getting beaten up by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (SP's creators)*, so its not really mine.. O_o I submitted it before the age rating thing was here, so i hope someday i'll get unlazy and change it :P
Im glad you laughed, seriously ^___^