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Reviews for "South Park 502 Part 1"


i likjed that! you shuld make another one and see how many cuss words you can put in it! hope fully you will!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

I finished the other one, but the file size is too large for NG.. And Tom said he has to check whether it's legal. Because it's like I stole it or something :D


That was really cool but didn't Kenny's Dad's hat say Scotch on it?

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Uhh... Well maybe, I can't remmember ;D


They don't sa shit all that muc hin the cartoon, the counter never even got to 50 ... slightly disapointed but still it was awesome, I never saw that episode - was that all? But I'm gonna give this a 10, and a 5, and add it to my faves - it's that awesome.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Thanks alot!!!
In the actuall episode the counter gets to 162 (if I remmeber correctly). You only see the first few minutes of the episode, much more sh*t comes later on...


mack moor that was cool and it lasted for a lang time to most peo[ple mack it about 1 min remember mack moor and ill watch them

carmelhadinosaur responds:

lol. thx!!
Hmm, I really need to check what's going on with the other part (once again, it's completed) if it's possible to submit it..

I have one word to say...


Well...actually i have other things to say too. This was well good. South Park is amazingo. Good work with the graphics mate! Top bombing!

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Wee thanks!!!