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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


That was alright, but it was just a lot of motion tweens and had little action, come on man you could do better!

poxpower responds:

I could indeed do a lot better.
haha but I'm not just going to write "this movie sucks, I know, but vote high anyways" now am I?
So I took the pussy way out and just... submitted it. Next things I do will be better. I promise :(


This was really great!!!

I really enjoyed watching..thank you for making this..

nice drawing en really perfect sounds .. great music..

not a bad thing to say about it..

if this 1 doesn't make the frontpage ... I am going 2 eat my shoe ...


poxpower responds:

well if it does make the frontpage, I'm going to stuff my dirty undies down my throat.
So either way, someone's eathing something nasty because of this thing

Quoth Neo...


Ten shades of awsome.

Front page material.

poxpower responds:

All I can say is...
thanks for jacking up my review average.


Reminds me of the movie "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", awsome flash

poxpower responds:

I don't know what makes you think of The Good, The Bad and the Ugly in my movie. Its not really related.
I was thinking more "Police academy" when I made this

i elt a sleep

gay music and oo long i was sleepin most of the time

poxpower responds:

aw come on dood, the music wasn't that bad. IN fact you secretly enjoyed it, I can tell.... yes...