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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Im Impressed

Hey that was pretty awesome man. It was slow but i the the drawings were NICE. The ending... eh... haha well that sad face made it kinnda funny. Keep up the awesome work man

poxpower responds:

sad face = god
after angry face.... but you're not a forum regular, you wouldn't know.. hehe

anyways, I'm good at drawing, but god I'm a sucky animator. Well actually its not that I suck at animating, its just that.. well I didn't put any in there. I though I got that walking man pretty well in the flashback scene. I was sortof proud of that. Looked nice.

Dude... yeah

I'm sorry. The highest I could give you was 10. I wanted higher numbers... but they just weren't there. No matter how hard I tried... it wouldn't scroll past 10. I'm sorry... I have failed you.

poxpower responds:

well you can always come back and vote 5 every day, and also vote 0 on every other movie in the portal. Yeah. Do that.


I like American Comic Art, that was nice and smooth, and you're one of the few people I've ever seen that can acctually use photoshop to digitally ink thier work.

I'd like to see some frame-by-frame done in the same style instead of the tweened stills.

poxpower responds:

well if you like my style, go to I.Mockery.com and find Pickleman in the Minimocks.
I'm more of a comicbook artist than an animator, but I want to have stuff on here so bad.. I just love this site. So I'm trying to find what it is that I'm best at in terms of Flash and what I enjoy most.
And this DEFINATELY is NOT it.


I really like your art style. You can tell you took a lot of time and hard work on the animations and I commend you for that. The character designs were stylish and original. Very well done. You know how to build up tension!

poxpower responds:

what animations?


reminded me of desperado

good job