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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"


DUDE! wtf! YOU SON OF A BITCH! that was great! wonderful! spectacular! there was a great shinying moment of art, creativity, suspense, glory! and then a very large dark hole!!!!!!!! Gosh dangit! they ALL died!? WTF?!!! i couldnt believe it, i saw the guns fire, i was holding my breath to see how lived, was it the main of faith, of god, or was it the soldier, the killing machine, or was it the father, the one who loved? NO! THEY ALL DIED! i sat there watching first your little sad face and then the stinking "replay" button for 5 mins! I COULD BELIEVE IT! THEY ALL DIED!?!! meh o well thats life, shucks man, that was very... something, im not sure if i ever want to see another one of your movies again but well this was a wonderful piece of art.

poxpower responds:

Wow. Neve imagined I'd shock someone so damn much by having them all perish like that. Hahaha. I wanted to keep the father dude alive, but I thought that would have added nothing and would have been stupid ( er).
so all dead. yay


I would rather of seen 25 seconds of frame by frame hand drawn fighting then a sssssssssllllllllloooooooooooowwwwwwwwww build up like that. It had very little real animation.

poxpower responds:

indeed :)
I don't have enough time dammit. I have to draw online comics >: (
I have to go to college >: (
I have to reply to all my reviews >: (

Slow, yet superb

Wow. Just "Wow".

The art in this piece is absolutely fantastic. After watching movie after movie willed with subpar art (like mine), this is a breath of fresh air. The artistic style and cinematography are wonderful together. I also really liked the music. It fit quite well with the action and really held the mood.

What I did not like about this movie was the very slow buildup and then significant lack of any real action. It is quite clear from the very beginning that this is a showdown. Then I have to wait through tons of very long scrolling camera moves to get to the action. Although the little proloquesfor each character are nice, they also lack any real action of any kind. In my mind, adding more animation than just the minimal grinding teeth, darting eyes, closing door, and a few blinking lights would really help solve this issue. When the showdown finally does come, I guess I was expecting a little more actual action than some vague weapon blasts.

Ok, I'm rambling. Overall, this movie is superb. Be proud of this work!

poxpower responds:

hmm well for one thing I won't be proud of it.

I liked making the gun FBF thingies. I liked making the blue one best. So that means I at least like making simple FBF. SO maybe one day, I'll actually make some decent FBF :/
But yeah, I guess it is pretty damn dissapointing hahaha big buildup for some flashlights haha

very good

you did a very good job on the drawing but you should have had a big ass monster come out of the ground or something of that effect and then all three of them look at it and duke it out with it but you did do a very very nice job on everything.

poxpower responds:



OH NO, A TREMOUR haha kill it


Well Pox ill spit it out, you got some aritistic talent for sure. Not some just some drawn stuff and some random art styles. This was very professional and, the graphics were incredible. Some people do not relize how much time art like this does take. Frist off i was amazed by your backround work, and in the intro was was very comic book like, with some nice detial. Also i liked how it was like a future draw, like in the classic cowboy films, but much more futuristic. Animations were unique, and characters were very creative. The plot was also very well put together, and flowed well with the music. Also this flash had alot of powerful images and nice camera angles. Also the zoom affects were well done. Expressions were well done, and this was master peice.

Overall some amazing backrounds, and i mean that. With some great charactgers and a duel to the end. Sound affects were nice, and yes no ones lives a circle draw.

Nice work and just keep makin this great artistic stuff.


poxpower responds:

That seems to praisy. I won't hate you if you point out that the mouths are all pixelated and twitchy. :p I'm a fair dude.

Funny part is that drawing this took me a week. Coloring too me twice that much, but that's sooooo besides the point.

I'll make a Space Shooter game with Star_Cleaver some day. I'll put that bg making skill to good use : )