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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Instant favorite

I love what u did...u pulled then tension to the end....and kept me guessign on the ending....Great graphics and great details..good sound too...keep up the good work..u really PWN THEM ALL!

poxpower responds:

them all!!

not bad at all.

Nice work on translating the end of the good, the bad, and the ugly into flash. it looks like you put alot of work into this. However, as i recall, only one person dies in the end. ((well, in that scene at least.)) well, whatever. nice job.

Damn good

Excellent choice of music, Ennio Morricone is a very acclaimed composer, he has some great music in Kill Bill, infact this was the trailer music to Kill Bill volume 2. The cd is The Good the Bad and the Ugly if you want to get it. Excellent flash my friend.

Artistic and lovely

Although at times the movie dragged on a bit, I really liked the buildup involving the stories of the three men. The music and animation and art was beautiful! As I said earlier, there were times when it seemed to get boring, but other than that, it was an excellent Flash

Loved it

I loved your drawings i know how hard it is to animate when you take soo long to draw good characters, and how not drawing the character frame by frame sometimes can be harder. Keep up the good work