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Reviews for "-TheTrio-"

Good enough

You mostly submit games here, so it was really cool to see you make a normal cartoon. The weakness of this submission is that it really does need action. Some of the animation is not that great, but given the way it was made, I can definitley understand that. It seemed like a lot of images put together. It is still quite watchable, as you have to appreciate all of the work and effort put into making it. I guess I could try looking for some hidden themes, but I should just enjoy this for being artsy.

Good, but flawed work.

I liked this. The whole style of it was very cool, reminded me almost of the show Firefly, where it has that Western twang to it, but in a more modern sci-fi setting.

The plot was OK, would have been nice if it was longer and more detailed as to why each man was standing against the other and whatnot. The ending was quite a disapointment really, I expected some kind of resolution other than "they all shhot each other and die".

I like the way this was drawn, although it did mean that animation wasd kept fairly minimal. This had an almost sort of comic book feel to it, with each different shot being a different panel. Still, nice job!

Very Good

Okay, what I didn't like:
-it was too long before they shot each other
-I knew the ending
What I did like:
-how each man got a brief moment about who he was so you sortof knew them
-very good graphics
-there was tension 'cause I shouting "just shot already!" at the screen
-overall really good


Excellent work, my friend. I hope to make my flash grab my viewers by the collar and hold them in their seats as this piece has done to me.

I am very impressed.

Also, that last part was a much needed breath of comic relief. :P


This was so cool, this is the longest flash, and I actually watched it all!
FANTASTIC job my friend..
(I agree, Flash IS boring)