Reviews for "StarWarsGangstaRap:TEASER"

i didnt think it was possible

but i was wrong i didnt think it could get better but i geuss it can i cant wait for the new one work fast man i can think of a bunch of ppl who would love 2 see that
accouple of my friends and me sing that during lunch lol i know its sad but its such a good song


i dont even like rap but i love this mwaha
keep it up


oh oh oh.,....HOW LONG HAVE I FUCKING WAITED...ever since i saw the first one ONCE!!! i searchED high an low for it at newgrounds to see it again...an now...after all this time, my prayers have been finally answered...HELL YEAH BABEHHH, WE GOT DETHSTARRRR!!!!!

plus a bonus 10 for recreating a legend

looking foward to this masterpeice

I can't belive you actually

drew and animate the mouthes... just like seeing peoples talk in a real film!
and ofcourse im waiting for the release of release of the STAR WARS GANGSTARAP, it looks real cooool and funnnyyy!