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Reviews for "Untitled."

Jus Sayin...

ITS AMAZING! And To Be Honest, I Don't See How People With The Names "Cheesedude" And "Porkchopman" Could Be Criticizing An Epic Piece. (:

iVomit responds:

Lol, thanks :3

people are looking for meaning?

it kinda reminds me of a dark jet set radio future, that game on xbox ;D the character gum, those looking for meaning have nothing else to do in their lives ^_^ keep up the interesting stuff owo

iVomit responds:

Haah! XD It totally does remind me of a dark version of Gum now that I look at it lol.
Thanks :]

cool art Brillant

SUCK HATE GUY XxcheessedudeXx so porkchopman


The style you use in this piece reminds me a wee bit of his work, and I must say I like it. I especially like the hint of light coming from stage left that highlights her outline just so.

what the..?!?


..and i don't know why those guys below think so different about this creation of yours... jeez..