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Reviews for "Untitled."


This looks like a photo!! It's awesome. It looks so natural and yet mystical.

Wounderepic >3

I hate internet people ¬_¬

So many fucking haters, over poetic? What the hell did you think art was apart from somone being over poetic?! Its what makes art more than a drawing! Plus attempting to have a dark meaning? The artist put a smiley face in the descritption and didnt even bother titleing it! Aside from my little rant Ireally do like this piece, lovely black and white contrast and a different sort of style than what i usually see. Keep up thegood work!

iVomit responds:

LOL. Thanks :D

Lol what's wrong with people these days?

I think it looks quite good. The colors are nice and the overall feel of it gives me chills. Not extraordinarily exceptional art, but really good to say the least : ).

Jus Sayin...

ITS AMAZING! And To Be Honest, I Don't See How People With The Names "Cheesedude" And "Porkchopman" Could Be Criticizing An Epic Piece. (:

iVomit responds:

Lol, thanks :3

Theres always room for improvement!

Nice piece of work very macabre, I love artwork like this!
But, I seriously don't understand why some people come on this site and JUDGE artwork in the first place. And to the person who stated that this piece of artwork is trash just because you expect it to have some kind of POETIC meaning. So what if it does? Art work is a depiction of OUR feelings or just what appeals to us.
Damn you must not be an artist yourself because you don't understand what its like to put a shit load of time and effort in to making something beautiful. May it have no meaning or not this piece of artwork is amazing, looks like the artist had made an effort to create something wonderful. Good job!

iVomit responds:

Thankssss. o3o