Reviews for "Paseo Viejo"

Reminded me of ....

The movie Clerks. I found the humor to be off-base and funny, yet not hilarious. The head explosion at the end was a nice touch, but was it suicide or just a mental blow out? In any case...Not Bad, not Bad at all.


"based" on true events...I dont even see movies in theatre if I can avoid it...you put your finger on why.

It's so true

I worked in a movie theater also. People say the stupidest things that for no good reason just seem to piss me off to no end. I remember that one guy asked for two tickets to "that movie with the bitch in it." Somehow, I actually understood he meant "Glitter." Great job on this video!

you made me smile

i'm in a bad mood, but while i was watching this a big smile ran over my face, well thank you, for cheering me up.

I have no idea why i gave u this score

something about that just made me laugh....i dunno maybe it was the exploding head or the random wierd people, but it was funny. Make a sequel k?